Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dreaded HFMD

Poor little Sophie has fallen ill. After the long weekend over her birthday and National Day, a case of HFMD surfaced in her infant class. That same night she developed a high fever of 40 degrees. By the next evening, she started to have blisters on her tongue. The pain must have gotten unbearable as she started to reject food and milk. The only thing I could do was to nurse her as she felt a little more comforted by it. Really pains my heart to see her suffering. And Alexis was also sick and down with fever and diahorrea. So worried that he might have caught the virus from her. Needless to say the nights were bad too with her frequent wakings.

On Day 2, her fever was on and off and the blisters on her tongue subsided but she was still in a very lousy mood. Without the obvious signs like blisters and sores the doctor can't confirm if she's having HFMD too. She was no longer the little ms sunshine that she used to be and even had to be carried while taking her nap.

We tried to take her mind off the pain and brought out her belated birthday present from us, a tricycle! Can't say that she was excited by it as she was still in a pretty cranky mood but it did help to take her mind off the discomfort she was feeling.

Having a sick child really is a nightmare and today is only Day 3. Praying and hoping that she'll get better in no time. There have already been 4 cases of HFMD in the infant care. In such a dilemma if I should even bring her back to the centre next week. But for now, all I can do is pray for her, keep my cool, be patient and get more rest.

Get well soon Fifi!


  1. praying that poor little girl will recover soon!

    a funny story (to cheer you up!)

    when my boy was a few months old, it was his
    daddy that got HFMD. >.<

  2. Nadine,
    haha where did your hubby caught it from? She started to have small tiny spots on the body. Bringing her to the PD tomorrow to verify if it's anything serious. Thanks for your prayers for my girl.
    Do be careful too. Heard from the news it's on the rise.