Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're going to the Zoo

Over due update on Sophie's first visit to the zoo. Alexis's department had a company day at the zoo last Saturday. Family members were invited so Sophie went for her maiden trip to the zoo! We arrived at 9:40 and had to join in the ice breakers and games. But after that, we were left to own time, own target.

We introduced Sophie to the animals as we walked by each enclosure. But this little girl was more interested in the little boys and girls who were excitedly pointing or talking about the animals than the animals themselves.

Busy looking at the little girl who was in the group beside us
At one year old, I guess she's still too young to understand what she's there for and doesn't know that you only see these animals at the zoo. After a while she probably thinks that orang utans, baboons, chimps are all just monkeys, what's the difference anyway :)

A very apt adoption by Abbott for the giraffes :)

Since the animals in the enclosure didn't appeal to her, we thought that maybe the animal show will be more interesting for her. Wrong again. While we were waiting for the elephant show to start, Sophie kept staring at the lady standing beside us. Why she was so engrossed? The lady had a huge sunhat! In fact, she was so attracted to it that she nearly made a grab for it!

No interest in the elephant show as well

Sophie is KO mode. Only took her afternoon nap at 1:30...

But the main highlight of the day for little Sophie must have been the water play area at the Rainforest Kidzworld. After her long nap, a good 2 hours and 15 mins, she woke up to find herself in the middle of a huge water play area surrounded by so many kids.

Initially she was a little apprehensive and approached the water foundation cautiously. But it didn't take her long to lose her inhibitions and she enjoyed herself throughly as she tried to "catch" the water spraying out from the ground.

Having fun under the sun

As she left, she still looked on longingly at the play area. But we promised her, we'll be back someday for more splashing fun!

Sophie not convinced that Ah Meng is as friendly as everyone claims

We'll be back to the zoo again!


  1. aww so cute.

    I remember my first trip to the zoo was when
    I was two. somehow, I managed to get INTO
    the kangaroo enclosure and get a shot inside o_O

  2. Haha good thing you didn't get kicked by the kangaroos!

  3. All toddlers like the zoo... not the animals but the water play!!