Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August babies party

Sophie attended her first mass birthday bash with the rest of her friends whose birthday fall in August. There were about 30 babies and their parents, so you can imagine what a crowd it was.

Just the princesses

At this age, the gathering was still more for the mummies to catch up with each other as the kids at one year old are still pretty in a world of their own.

Many were trotting around like Sophie and some just started walking while some were contented still crawling around. Sophie was busy playing with the balloon sculptures that some of the mummies made earlier. She kept looking for new balloons and wanted to exchange a new one for the one that has fallen out of favour. Heh.

An assortment of balloons for Sophie's pick

Turns out Sophie is not the only one who is a little Ms Tiam Chiak. She had a friend who snatched her biscuits out of her hand much to the disapproval of her mom.

Another Princess who wanted to share Sophie's biscuits

Which reminds me that I got to start teaching little Sophie her Ps and Qs too, starting with "Please" and "Thank You".

Personalised cupcakes for all the babies

It has been very helpful to have this support group of new mothers. We learn, vent our frustrations, seek each others advice, cry even as we share our experiences and stories of raising our babes. It's especially beneficial to have those who have their 2nd or 3rd child to remind mr that things will get better. And now that Sophie has turned a year, I guess the challenges will be different too. And you know what they say, the only constant is change. I have a feeling that the one who said that have children of their own too.


  1. it's cool that you have this group.
    makes me wish I had one or something.
    none of my friends are mothers and all
    of them are either still studying or
    working or serving the nation.

  2. These ladies are from the motherhood forum. It's good to have a support group that knows that you're going through. Of course, great that we can have these gatherings to watch our babies grow too.

    Not to late to join in I would say :)

  3. haha. alright I'll see if I can join ^^