Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another teething episode, or is it?

At 13 months, Sophie still only has 3 teeth. This is certainly an area that she's lagging behind. By now, most babes would have at least 5. But just have to accept that every baby is different, with different personalities, with different areas they are good and bad with.

For one thing, Sophie is really friendly. She likes to "talk" to people now and will wave and make noises to get the attention of people like in the lift, while waiting for the train. It's really cute to see her so out-going and so sociable. She's also getting so curious with everything and everyone that she looks at everything with a new intensity and interest now.

On the other hand, she's starting to get easily impatient and is up to all sorts of monkey business now. Like standing and walking on the sofa and bed, giving us a heart attack moment. Then there are also the times when she wriggles from her pram and stands on it when we turn away! Yet another heart stopping moment. Regret that we didn't buy a pram with 5 point harness to keep this little monkey in her pram. She has also learnt to throw tantrums and throw her body wildly when we carry her to the point that our balance is threatened and her life as well. Big sigh!

And recently, I suspect that her 4th tooth is going to emerge and she's been ultra cranky. This is coupled with the fact that she's been taking shorter naps. A sign that she may transit to one nap soon. Now a days, she has just one nap and they can be as short as 40 mins for the whole day. And what I get is a cranky, grouchy, whiny baby.

This caused us so much distress both mentally and physically as we have to "fight" with her to keep her in her pram when we're out and even though she may be tired, she'll put up a good fight before she's willing to go to lalaland.

Which also reminds me that I have to retrain her to sleep independently for the night. We have been slacking after she came down with HFMD. Going to be long long nights ahead.


  1. is it common for kids to become crankier than usual after their first birthday? my little one is one today and he has been really cranky all day! ):

  2. Is it also teething like Sophie? Guess they are getting smarter and also knows how to express their feelings more, including frustration.

  3. hmm. usually when he's teething he would be
    biting anything with frustration. but he's not.

    he seems stickier too--like the person with him
    CANNOT leave his side no matter how short or
    how near we go away. it's like he's spoilt T_T