Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At 13 and a half months

At 13 and a half months, Sophie can wave bye bye and say "Bye" or "tatat". So cute to see her charming the sales people when we go out shopping and she'll happily wave when she catches their attention and wave to them with her bright smile before we leave the shops.

She also knows how to clap her hands, when she hears the song, "If you're happy". But has not progressed to stamping her feet and going hurray yet. The other day when I was bathing her, I asked her to clean mummy's hands and she could take the towel from me and really clean my hands. A very pleasant surprise indeed!

Sophie's vocabulary is also slowly expanding. We attended a friend's kids birthday party last sunday and Sophie surprised me when she could point at the " walking dog" balloon and go "dog". Or at least it sounds very much like it. In fact, when there was a SPCA ad on TV the other day, she also pointed at the TV and went "dog". She also does that for birds and calls the balloon, ball. Haha.

Besides picking up on new words, she's also growing little horns now. She knows when she does things she shouldn't and is pushing the boundaries that we set for her. Like touching the standing fan, removing the rubber protectors from the edge of the table, walking on the bed and sofa. Oh yes I've mentioned those last bits before. So yes, she does know that she's not allowed to do those things, but she's still always caught doing them and will give us her cheeky look when we call out her name. It's also funny because sometimes we'll just observe her quietly then when we call her name in the middle of her "crime" and she'll jump in fright.

Sophie going through mummy's handbag and took out mummy's staff pass

She's still not at the age where we can really discipline her yet. And I really don't like the idea of raising my voice at her (though I have been guilty of it so many times already) and beating her hand because I feel that she may think it's okay to hit. I need some Super Nanny help here on how to discipline her gently. Help, help, help.

Sophie is at an in between age now where she doesn't fully comprehend everything we say. Like she does know that we don't want her doing something but she doesn't understand why and so she'll keep "testing" us and pushing her limits by doing the very things we tell her not to.

That said, I'm planning to get my hands on this book by Michele Borba. I've read the other book she's written on 12 Simple Secrets Real Mom know and liked her advices and stories.


  1. aww she's cute. I'd like to know how to discipline my kid too. he's getting more assertive on what he wants now and he can throw quite a tantrum ): he has this auto mode to wave whenever he knows he's going out even though there's no one to wave goodbye to! *haha* he also waves at no one in particular so sometimes when we're outside, he starts waving and I wondered which stranger he's chaming and there isn't anyone or that stranger isn't even looking at him :|

    (feel free to check my blog ;D sweet-child.net)

  2. so smart! my girl doesn't talk. i've been trying to train her to at least say "mama" once before we return to SG but i think that's going to be a hopeless wish.

    you're really patient. i've raised my voice at my girl a lot of times. definitely everyday... and yes, they do jump when you catch them at the crime scene. sometimes i feel like laughing at their shocked faces and their act-innocent look but had to hold it back so they dun think it's a game.

  3. Nadine, That's cute too. Zayden just turned one year! Happy Birthday Zayden!

    Ming Yuan: Actually Sophie also doesn't really call me unless she's desperate for me. She's a Daddy's girl and calls Dada more often.

    I also have fair share of days when I want to pull my hair and shout at her. Some days I tell her she makes me so mad that I want to give her a good beating too!