Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mummy 30 years ago, Sophie 30 years later

Even though it's more than a month ago when Sophie celebrated her first birthday, I thought it would be interesting to compare my big one bash with my little one.
Flash from the past...

When I was deciding on the cake design for Sophie's first birthday, I was contemplating to have a Number One shaped birthday cake. It is part nostalgic and part traditional to have a number cake to mark the different milestones in your life. But the bakery usually requires a min of 2 kg for that. But anyhow, Sophie's cake is so much nicer than mine, complete with icing blocks bearing her name and a precious moment figurine.

We're both so cool when it comes to taking photos with our parents who were beaming away. But I think Sophie was more attracted to her cake than anything.

And here I was all ready for some drumstick action too. But look at that chicken feet.. Ewww

Sophie is looking more and more like Mummy. And from the photos, its really quite telling too. Haha and guess what that includes the button nose too! Sorry Sophie, I wished you'll have a higher nose bridge too but guess you'll have to accept it.


  1. aww. button noses are CUTE (:

    and I wish I can do such a comparison but I don't
    think my boy will look like a girl. oh wait a min.
    I've got friends saying I dress him too androgynous :p

    and did you feed her a drumstick?

    my in-laws gave him one and he finished the WHOLE THING D:

  2. No I didn't cook the drum stick for her though I was tempted to. Haha your son really likes his chicken. Maybe he'll like KFC in future!