Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not for Fifi.. No Sophie...Arghhh...

These days Sophie has been testing our patience. Granted that she's growing more mobile, from just walking to running, more independent, she wants to feed herself than sit in the high chair, she's also developing a mind of her own and has a stronger personality. So she's pushing her boundaries, doing the very things we tell her not to.

Whenever we leave her alone, she'll be touching things she shouldn't. From the floor rug, to wires, to the fan and even picking dirt from the floor and putting into her mouth.

Today she just did some new stunts by turning the chair upside down and goofed around, causing her to fall and hit her lips. One part of me wanted to shout at her, see I told you so. But I know what she needed most was comfort from mama. So I hugged her worried that she was hurt.

Guess that's parenting for you.... Double, triple.. no just truckloads of patience to deal with whatever your kids throw at you. And to think my dear baby is only 14 months. Long way ahead for me.


  1. hohoho. mine likes to climb on top of the
    mini plastic slide and stand tall without
    holding anything -.- and he still want to
    dance on top! D: and then proceeds to just
    walk down the slide. in which, of course,
    someone would be holding him throughout this
    whole ordeal >o<

  2. Haha Nadine sounds familiar! I forgot to add that Sophie likes to walk on the bed and the sofa and would sometimes even walk off them! If we're not quick enough to catch her then she hurts herself and cries!!!

    We need a restraining order on these kids!

  3. he does that too. last time is crawl to the edge, legs down first. now is like no fear walk over the edge of the bed -.-!!