Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sophie goes Mama

I've not been as diligent as the past where I'll post an update at least once in 2 weeks. Partly because work's been more busy, hence zapping my energy and my inspiration to blog. Also I used to like to draft my blog entry on my mobile then post it when Ive completed the post. But with an iphone, it's not as easy typing a long entry.

Anyway even though I just posted an entry yesterday, today calls for another entry as my little darling called me Ma Ma. This may not be the first time she has uttered those words. In fact lately, she has been calling out for Mama more often. Like in the car when she wants me to give her, her biscuits, bread, toys, books, etc. Or when she's behind the child gate and wants me to serve her dinner, wants me to accompany her, etc

But today it happened when she was lying down on the bed drinking her bottle of milk before bed time. While I was trying to be discrete in replying some messages on my hp. All of a sudden, she stopped drinking, looked up to me and called out, Mama. I was surprised to hear her call me and when I looked at her, she gave me the most innocent and pleased look when I responded. For a moment there I was just filled with a joy so pure that I cant even describe it in words. Although I didn't shed a tear in the end, I did lie down beside her and gave her a hug.

Such an awwww moment. Looks like this little girl is trying to get back into Mummy's good books after my ranting yesterday. This little baby sure has me around her little finger already.

Photos from Ann's wedding

Mummy and me
Hand in hand

Walking with Daddy beats being strapped in a high chair

Happy to be outside walking


  1. Soon u'll be having lots of conversations with her.....

  2. Nadine: Have your baby started talking too?
    Sandra: yah I think she's going to be a little chatterbox :)

  3. well, I'd say he's saying words. like
    "ball" and "ba" (which means bus, baabaa black sheep, baba (daddy); it depends on his intonation.)
    he can say "bite" (because mosquitoes bite him)
    and he says "uh oh" (which I found out it means
    channel okto on tv -.-)