Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good night Sophie

I used to complain that Sophie is a terrible sleeper. Or should I say terrible napper. She is one baby that goes against the saying, sleeping like a baby. You would have thought that for a baby so young, she'll need much much more sleep. But she surprises me on how little she can get by on. She used to take awfully short naps of 30 mins, when other babies can nap and recharge their bodies for 2 hour nap. And she used to sleep so late that I wonder if she'll have eye bags like mummy.

Asleep in her cot

And for the nights, she used to sleep as late as 11pm, leaving us with little if not no personal time to do anything except to crash on bed. I've been told by many experienced parents that their sleeping patterns and routines will set in as they get older.

We did wonder if we should have started her on a bedtime routine earlier and tucked her to bed earlier. But when she's was younger she went through a colicky period and would not sleep till late. Subsequently, we did try to get her in a bedtime routine with a bath around 9, followed by Daddy reading a story book followed by milk. On good days, she'll toss and turn after her milk and drift off to lala land. But there are days when even after a milk, it gets us no where as she was always fighting to sleep despite being sleepy. But at 14 months now, I can finally agree that it does get better. Of course we're not expecting her to sleep at 7 or 8pm. And I doubt she will too since we have to pick her from the infant care after work. Which is typically 6 or 7plus.

Father and daughter...side sleeper
(Fifi nearly kicking Daddy off the bed!)

For now we're contented that she's slowly sleeping earlier...but nevertheless, still hoping she'll sleep at earlier so that we can have more time on our own too.


  1. she looks so big! like a little girl instead
    of a toddler! (:

  2. Nadine: She just looks big in this photo. She's not that big.