Friday, October 29, 2010

From blabbing to talking...

Sophie will turn 15 months in another 9 days time. Although she only starting speaking after she turned one, she's beginning to learn more new words everyday. In fact she recently surprised me with new words which I never knew she's understood. Last Friday, Sophie said words like nose and could even point and show me where her nose is. She's also go on and point to Daddy's nose and Mummy's nose. And sometime it's from point to my nose to pointing up my nose. Eww... She's also learnt words like mouth, head and can point to all of them too.

We have this baby flash card program on our iPhone and will whip it out when she's bored in the car. When she feels like it, she can recognize the pictures and say words like bear, banana (She calls it nana). Right now she's able to mimic most of the one to two syllabus words we say but whether she does repeat them is another story. I have a feeling that she probably knows more words but is just keeping it to herself and waiting to wow us.

Fifi standing on the sofa looking like a big girl now

But when words fail, she'll point at the things she wants us to get for her. From the food we eat to her water bottle, to being carried out of the cot, to going out... So I borrowed a baby sign language book attempting to teach her sign language. After all I did teach her a few things like butterfly by opening and closing of one palm since it's not easy for her to cross her hands to make a butterfly. She also knows how to show the no more sign by twisting her wrist. But I'll have to keep doing it in order for her to pick it up. But one thing's for sure, she knows how to tell us when she want to eat when she goes Mumm Mumm...

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