Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm ONE-derful

Sophie celebrated her first birthday on 7 Aug, 2 days before she turns one. We had a small and simple party with a few close friends over dinner. As some of them had little kids, we kept it short too from 5-7:30 so that the little ones will not get too tired.

Sophie however took a late nap and only slept 10 mins before 5 when her guests started arriving at 5. So the little one was a real a diva that day and kept her guest waiting for her.When she was finally up after a long nap, she was overwhelmed by the guests that were in the house that she must be wondering where did everyone come from.

Nevertheless she had a good time seeing new faces, playing with balloons, eating her birthday cake. Her play area was invaded by the older gor gor and jie jie and since she's only started walking she was not confident to play alongside them. So she was happy to reclaim her territory after everyone left and played with the balloons that Daddy blew up.

And since she has turned one, my Mom bought her a pair of shoes so that she can wear them when she goes out. But to our amusement, she was so scared of them!

We tried to shower praises of how nice her shoes were and how pretty she looked with the shoes, but she was terrified and threatened to cry if we didn't remove the shoes from her feet. I'm guessing this little darling is not going to be a shoe fanatic like mummy is she?

The next day it was presents time. True enough she was more excited by the wrapper, paper bags and the boxes than some of the gifts. I'm guessing that her favorite must be the toys for now since she wasnt interested in the rest after she starting playing with her new toy.

Daddy's wish for you is that you'll be strong and healthy and be a bright and cheerful little girl just like you are now. And Mummy birthday wish for you is that you'll grow up being confident and loving yourself for who you are. Stay happy my little sunshine. You'll always be our little cutie pie!


  1. happy birthday little sophie! (:
    I'm sure you had a great time.
    don't worry about those shoes ;)
    you'll learn to like them eventually :D

    susan, you have done well! you're a
    mom for a year! seems to fly by doesn't
    it? now it's a lot more fun teaching
    and taking care of your girl ^^

  2. Nadine: yes in fact she seemed to be different now that she's one. Can express herself more, mostly shaking her head when she doesn't want something like the shoes. And can call me Mama! So happy :)