Saturday, August 14, 2010

Exploration of new terriorities

Just when I thought that Sophie was just having a case of false alarm with the dreaded HFMD, she started to have spots on her body last night. They looked pretty harmless but since her mood still didn't improve and she was still rejecting food and milk, we decided to play it safe and have it checked by the doctor. And our worse nightmares were confirmed, she really was having HFMD. And with her as the latest "casualty", she became the 7th kid to get HFMD in her infant class.

Needless to say, she's house bound and must avoid going out. Since she cant go out, she decided to start making plans to go on a holiday by checking out the latest travel offers from HSBC credit card.

Daddy, lets go Club Med! The sun, the sand and the sea. Yeah!

And then she proceeded to check out the mooncake offers too. Which reminds me, I totally missed it last year as I was on my confinement.

Can I eat mooncakes too Daddy?

The little one got restless at home but can you really blame her since she hasn't been able to get out of the house since Wednesday? So we decided to attempt letting her wear her shoes again. Now whenever we mention about the shoe, we tell her that she has to wear shoes to go "gai gai". Initially she was shaking her head when I brought her pair of shoes to wear then somehow as I was telling her she has to wear shoes to go out, she suddenly nodded her head. So I quickly slid one side on her foot.I was waiting for signs of protests from her. Since she was quiet, I hurried and wore the other side for her.

I had to keep my end of the bargain after she wore her shoes, so I brought her out for a short walk along the corridor. She was so happy just being out of the house and walked happily to the lift lobby where we made an about turn and headed back.

Being her usual curious self and peeping into the neighbor's house despite being sick

After we got home, I taught her where to leave her shoes at the doormat so that we can ear our shoes when we go out in future. She bent down,grabbed her shoes and wanted me to put them on for her so that she could go out again! I do believe my little adventurer is welcoming the idea of wearing shoes to explore new terriorities! So proud that she took to the shoes much earlier than I expected. Way to go, Fifi!

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